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More tributes to Mimi from her friends

From Chris Bova:

Let me say how terribly sorry I am to learn of your lovely Mom's passing away.  It's been several years since I saw she and the Colonel, at Home Depot.  I vividly recall how tolerant and accommodating she was at our antics.  She obviously had style and striking looks, and also seemed to take a genuine interest in our activities and well-being.  The house was always open to us and we delighted in that dynamic.  It remains to this day the grandest party house in the mean streets of McLean's storied history, and for that we are all most grateful.  At the risk of repeating myself, I am still amused that she only knew me as BOVA for several years until learning I had a first name.  I love that, as it implied a certain familiarity and kinship with me.   Please know your Mom made a lasting and significant impact on the youth of McLean, and evidently knew plenty about raising children, old pal.  That's not a contribution too many people can claim.  She truly had the right stuff and exhibited as much through her dignity, charm, and good old fashion kinship and humor.  Do the best you can under these terribly difficult conditions and please extend my deepest sympathies and respects to the Colonel, Tad, Bobby, and John.  Bov

From Bonner Menking:

I was shocked to hear about Mimi's passing.  My deepest condolences to Ty and the rest of her family.

I first met Mimi at a local Mystery Writers of America dinner – the December holiday party.  In the dim lighting, I listened as this petite, well-turned-out Virginia lady told me about interviewing a real-life murderer.  Alone.  For a book.  Only my own Southern mother's training kept my jaw from falling in astonishment.  Since that day, over five years ago, I came to know Mimi and Ty better through classes, dinners, and writers' conferences.  I never ceased to be astonished by Mimi's sweetness, her curiosity, and her guts.

The DC mystery-writing community will miss Mimi and shares this terrible loss to her family.  Our prayers are with you.

Bonner Menking

From Don and Donna Pattison:

We first med Mimi in the early sixties.  The first words that I remember from Mimi,as Ty crashed on the beach was "want to sky".  Lots of stories come to mind as Donna and I shared life with the Tandlers.  We had a joint garage sale at our house.  Tandler kids bought the Pattison kids stuff and vise versa.  It was my last garage sale.  I made $11.00 not counting the 3 cases of beer that Ty and I consumed.  We later bought time shares together at Hilton Head and enjoyed sharing the units with friends for many years.  The no "seeums" finally got to Mimi and they sold their unit.  We really missed them. Many stories, lots of tennis,some golf.  Lots of thoughts of the fun with the Tandlers come to mind, but for now our thoughts and prayers are with you all Ty, Tad, Rich, Bob and John (the worlds smallest tackle). 

Don & Donna Pattison:

From Sandi Wilson:

First, my profound sympathies to your father Ty, whom I adore, and to you, your brothers and sisters, and all your families."

When Noreen Wald, our excellent teacher and great friend, introduced me to Mimi several years ago, my first thought was that she was breathtakingly lovely. As she and I became friends and saw each other regularly at MWA meetings and the Mystery Book Club, I realized that beauty ran through her, both inside and out. She was funny, quick, talented, kind, generous, giving without expecting anything back, always happy to be right where she was (usually with Ty whom I call "Mr. Mimi") and doing whatever she was doing, never in a hurry, easy to be with and chat with, a true and genuine person, dedicated to writing The Great Non-Fiction Mystery.

I will miss Mimi's gorgeous smile and magnificent style. She is a classy lady in every way.

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."


With love and affection,

Sandi Wilson

the blonde in black

From Bill and Bettie Curry:

We are shocked and saddened by the loss of Mimi.  What a vibrant "with it" lady.  She was interested in everything and everyone; the latest health item, dolls, writing and food.  We had great fun and memories.

She will be missed.  Our condolences to the family and our prayers are with you.

Bill and Bettie Curry

From Betty Nibley:

I can't imagine life without Mimi. She and Ty have been a part of my life since the Air Force Acadmy days, McLean years including Vietnam years. I always counted on her to know how to do something or to know someone who would! She knew everybody. I went to aerobics today and mentioned the Tandler name and right away a fellow exerciser said "I know Mimi through Mystery Book Club!" I'm quite sure she has already figured out a way to communicate and has read all these messages and knows everybody up there and how to get things done the best way. We'll miss you, Mimi.

Betty Nibley

From Curt Laub:

As Rich will attest, I wasn't even half the Skins fan as his Mom, but I was a huge Mimi fan. In high school, the Tandler house was a fascinating, fun, loving place to hang out- one always felt sheltered there. In spite of raucous and bad behavior that other parents would not tolerate, Mimi and Ty were always welcoming. And they gave us Rich. I'd say she done good.
Rich, sorry to hear.

Curt Laub

From Betty and Fred Means:

A number of years ago Mimi invited me to join her Wednesday afternoon tennis team. We would finish late, tired and hot. No one wanted to go home and fix dinner so we began our weekly custom of having dinner together at the McLean Family Restaurant - and family is what we became. We have many other wonderful memories of times shared together - trips, holiday parties, pot luck dinners, tennis games and coffee in their back yard. Mimi's warm personality, infectious smile and sparkling eyes will always be with us as she lives on through us.

Betty and Fred Mears

From Bill Luck:

I learned today of Mimi's death from my late cousin Kappy Meharg's husband, Louis.

I only met Mimi, my second cousin, a few times when I was very young and she made a lasting impression on me. I met her at I.B. Hicks home in Fort Worth. I don't remember how old she was at the time, but I remember how nice she was to a young boy. I.B. Mimi and Fran went out of their way to make us feel at home. My mother, Teddy Hagendoorn Luck, was so fond of Mimi and spoke often of the good times they had together growing up. In looking at her picture I now realize how much Mimi and Teddy favored each other.

Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

With Love from your cousin,

William (Bill) Luck

From Rosemary and Ken Coskey:

Dear Tandler Family,

Ken and I are sincerely and deeply saddened at the loss of our friend, Mimi. I can only echo the many eloquent thoughts and feelings others have already expressed. She will be greatly missed by so many of us who had the good fortune of knowing her.

When I think of Mimi, one of my memories is of the times we'd see each other at some event and immediately recognize our outfits as being almost matching, as though we'd coordinated in advance. We often wore the same colors—white, black, red, and gray. We had the same gray hair, cut much the same way. In one photo of us together at a tailgate party, we are wearing identical black blazers with gold buttons. We look so much alike I have to look at the faces to see who is who. In fact, there were a few times when people thought I was a sister or relation of Mimi's – something I found very flattering indeed.

This is a trivial memory but perhaps it is something a little different from the experience of others. There is so much more to remember about Mimi. She was one of a kind—bright, vibrant, fun, endlessly interesting. And she will not be forgotten!

Our sympathy and love go out to our good friend Ty, and to all members of the Tandler family. We hope the memories of happy times comfort and sustain you all.

Rosemary & Ken Coskey




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