Saturday, July 19, 2008

More of Mimi’s friends paying their respect

From Dori Humphries:

Mimi will be greatly missed by me & her many friends. She was my tennis buddy & is an important friend in my life. She & Ty were most generous with their beautiful court. It has been wonderful to share travel stories & adventures with them. Also Mimi & I enjoyed discussing & sharing books.

She was a beautiful person, a talented writer & a good friend. My thoughts & prayers are with her as she begins her spiritual journey.

Dori Humphries

From Sam Ratcliffe:

I'm the son of Becky DeShong Ratcliffe, one of your mom's cousins (Mimi was in my parents' wedding). So, consider these remarks as coming from my mom as well as from me, since she does not have a computer.

I only had the pleasure of meeting your mom a few times, most recently when she attended a surprise birthday party for one of my mom's sisters, Jenna Herrman, about ten years ago. However, the time before that when I was with her, she and your dad were a huge help to me and my wife. I was in D.C. for a professional meeting twenty years ago at Christmastime and your parents had us over to their house on our last day there then kindly took us to the airport to fly back to Dallas. I recall Mimi as gorgeous (good gracious—what a knockout photograph on the website!), funny, and charming. My wife and I had a great time with your parents and I wish that distance hadn't prevented us from getting to know them better. She was one of my mom's many relatives who I'd heard about my whole life so it was good to finally be able to visit with her, albeit for those few hours. Among other bits of Washington lore, she and your dad introduced us to the term "Beltway bandit."

My dad passed away three years ago this past May so I have at least some inkling of your and your family's sense of loss. You all are in the thoughts and prayers of me, my wife, and my mother right now.

From Rev. Msgr. Leo A. Kelty:

I had the good fortune to meet, and speak with Mimi many times, especially around the year 1999 when I discovered through Ty that Mimi was design ing and marketing those great dolls! Since I have been retired for six years, I do not recall all the details, but as pastor, I decided that it would be beneficial, at Ty and Mimi's suggestion (and also that of my dear cousin, Vince Kelty!) to acquire the dolls for a fundraiser to offset the costs of our new church, St. William, in Howell, NJ (where I now reside in retirement). My Parish Council also agreed, and as a result of the transactions, we were able to raise a generous sum for the new church. We sold all of 300 dolls! The kids, as well as the parents, loved the idea.

My deepest sympathy and prayerful reflections go out to Ty and the family. I've always enjoyed immensely the times we have been together socially - dinners and parties- and the great lunches with "the gang" at Serbian Crown. Many thanks, Ty, for your friendship, and the opportunty to have encountered the wonderful Mimi!

(Rev. Msgr.) Leo A. Kelty ("Leo")

From Laura and Dave Doty:

Dear Tandlers,

We are all so saddened by the loss of Mimi - so glad we got together in Middleburg! What a delight she was. I always looked forward to our many trips to DC when a visit to the Tandlers was included. I remember shopping with my mom and Mimi in Georgetown for my first prom dress in the late 60's - we always did good shopping with Meem. She will be greatly missed by many, especially my mom.


Laura and Dave Doty

From Mickey Downey:

It gave me such a feeling of sadness to receive word that sweet Mimi had left us so suddenly. I had the privilege of getting to know her through McLean Newcomers, especially through the monthly coffees she'd arrange at Star Nut Cafe. She was a beautiful presence, a gracious lady with a smile that embraced everyone, and an ear for whatever the topic of conversation. For me, her voice had a distinctive melody to it, one that I remember so well from just a few short weeks ago. Life gives us gifts. Mimi will remain one.

With sadness over her passing, joy for having met her along life's journey, and deepest condolences to you, her treasured family,

Mickey Downey

McLean Newcomers

From Mary Ann Grove:

I first met Mimi at a Newcomers meeting, and I felt that I'd known her forever! I'll always remember her wonderful spontaneous smile and the twinkle in her eyes. I particularly enjoyed the 4 p.m. coffee get-togethers at the Palladium, which she co-hosted. I will surely miss her, as will so many others whose lives she touched. My sincere condolences to the family.

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