Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bob’s tribute to Mimi

I'm going to talk about Mom's relationship with her sister Fran. They had a very close relationship and would talk nearly everyday on the phone, sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes for an hour.

But they didn't always have such a close relationship. Like many of us, there was a period when they didn't talk. I don't know when it started or when it ended but at some point Mom decided to fix their relationship. She took it on as a project and, over time, eventually, they grew very close.

I called Aunt Fran last Friday to tell her Mom died. We talked again the next day and this time it was a little less emotional conversation. Aunt Fran asked me if we could have two flowers placed in the coffin with Mom as a sign of their special relationship. I said of course. I thought about it and said that when we would look in the coffin and see the two yellow flowers next to Mom we – the family - would know the significance of them, but outside the family many people would not. I asked Aunt Fran if she wanted to write a few sentences about the flowers and this is what she wrote:

Sisters Are Forever

Born to the same parents—that made us siblings.

Growing up in the same family—that made us sisters.

Living or lifetime of shared experiences—that made us friends.

And what a radiantly beautiful friendship it became!

Alive with a rainbow of feelings: Sunshine and shadow, happy days and sad.

I knew Mimi everyday of her life. No one else could say that.

Almost four years younger that I, she was my little sister.

I caller her Sister; no on else could say that.

As the years passed on day at a time, we came to realize what a wonderful blessing God had given us.

So now, as Mimi is laid to rest, two flowers are tucked in her casket, a token of our abiding love.

Yes, truly,

Sisters are forever.


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