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Mimi’s friends talk about her

From John and Ann Streit:

Mimi, how we will miss you. There have been so many wonderful times we've shared together, going back so many years, and in so many places.

There was waterskiing on Cinco Bayou, partying at Milord's in Bangkok, so much to remember on Rupert Street in McLean, Redskins, point-to-point races in the Virginia countryside and how much fun the kids all had together.

But most of all we will remember and miss your warmth, humor, sharp awareness of the world around you, your compassion for others and your energy and enthusiasm for life.
Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.

John and Ann

From Karin Shipman:

It is with great sadness that I receive the news of my cousin's death. Louis Meharg, my late twin's widower forwarded Tad's e-mail to me. The last time I saw you, Ty, and Mimi was at my mother's ninetieth birthday ten years ago. We all appreciated the time and effort that it took for you to come to El Paso for that event. I have a picture of the whole family group in my living room.

Just the other day I was thinking of the beautiful memorials that Mimi offered for my mother and my sister by signing the book of condolences at the National Cathedral. Kappy died in 1986, and Mama died in 2001. Mimi was a thoughtful, beautiful person with a beautiful soul.

I remember her when my mother, sisters and I visited the Hicks family when I was about nine years-old. Mimi was so sweet to us, letting us play in her room. Our aunt let Kappy and me go through all the records that she received while writing her column for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Also, I remember how excited Kappy and I were when Mimi and Fran "handed down" their cashmere coats to us when we were in high school. Their mother "sponsored" me when I joined the Episcopal Church, and their father was the only person who ever played zither solo for us. While we did not see each other much, the Hicks meant so very much to us. The whole family was pretty special.

Please accept my deepest sympathy and know that my heart is with all of you.

With love from your cousin,


From Mike MacDonald:

I first met Ty and Mimi as a 2 Lt at Eglin in 1963. What a charming and vivacious woman she was. And it seemed to me that she and Ty went out of their way to include young single officers in social activities that broadened their perspectives of Air Force life. I can confess that as that truly immature young man, I had a secret crush on Mimi because she represented to me the kind of partner I hoped to have in my future life.

I last saw Mimi and Ty at John Gulick's funeral. And she was still a wonderful and gracious woman. I recall her telling me about research she had been doing regarding a murder trial that had evoked her interest, and as she talked her eyes lit up: it was apparent that she fully intended to get to the bottom of the mystery the trial presented.

Mimi and Ty represented the best sort of a married team. Always mutually supportive. And always drawing in to their circle of friends so many personalities and people of diverse talents and interests.

Mimi is gone now, but her influence on so many of our lives still continues.

I extend my sincere condolences to Ty, Tad, and Rich. Warmest regards,

Mike MacDonald, Maj USAF, Ret.

From Rita and Joe Laccetti

Rita and I were terribly upset and saddened by the news of Mimi's passing. We send you and your family our deepest condolences. We will always remember her vibrant personality and her zest for life. She was always gracious and warm to every one who met her.

Ty: If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.

Our best to you.

Rita and Joe Laccetti

From Stan and Barbara Rivers:

Mimi was a most gracious, kind and thoughtful person. Barbara and I always enjoyed her sense of humor and ability to find something positive in any situation. Mimi was always busy but, found time for friendly conversation and helpful advice. Our lunch outings and holiday celebrations were great pleasures. Mimi will be sorely missed.

Stanley and Barbara Rivers

From Patrick Hyde:

Mimi was a great person and a supportive fellow-writer. She bought the first copy of my first novel. I always enjoyed seeing Mimi and Ty and MWA-MA dinners and had great times with them down in Florida at Sleuthfest. My deepest sympathies to Ty and the rest of Mimi's family.

Patrick Hyde

From Dorothy Hassan:

I first met Mimi years ago through my furniture painting business. Imagine my surprise to meet her again in my class at the Writer's Center. We attended several events together,and I particularly enjoyed one trip we made to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Ty when we were up there for the Edgars.

I remember Mimi as always sweet, always kind, a fine writer, and a free spirit. How sad to think we won't meet again.

My deepest sympathy to Ty and the family, who I know were so close to her heart.

From Mimie Marum:

Dear Tandler Family,
I am shocked and saddened by the terrible news. I knew Mimi through Newcomers. We did not share many activities, but I did stop fairly regularly at the Palladium for Thursday afternoon coffee. What bonds me to Mimi is that we share the same first name, although I spell mine Mimie. That e at the end has caused me much grief. I have known only one other Mimi, my God-daughter, so when I met your Mimi, it was strange to hear MY name said. That NEVER happens. Therefore I felt a connection that your Mimi probably didn't know about. I didn't tell her, which I regret. I recently found out that I am to be a grandmother. I plan to be Mimi ,with an e or not, to my granddaughter. Mimi will always be special to me.

Please accept my sincerest condolences,

Mimie Marum

From the Tidd Family:

Aunt Mimi - we loved you so and will miss your smile and unique take on life. Our love to Uncle Ty, Tad, Rich, Bob, John and your families. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Carolyn, Mike, Matt and Brandy and Hillary

From Audrey Liebross:

Mimi was one of my friends from Noreen Wald's writing class and from Sisters in Crime. We enjoyed exchanging ideas for our books and critiquing each other's work. I am shocked and saddened to hear of her passing. I will miss her.

Audrey Liebross

From Linda Kearns:

Having met Mimi at some of our Newcomers Club activities, I will remember her ever present cheerfulness and smiling face. You just knew she was a kind, thoughtful and generous person and someone that you wanted to get to know better. Our club's thoughts and prayers are with your family. We will miss her very much.

Linda Kearns

From Sally Tilson:

Forty years of friendship. Neighbors in McLean. Kids went to school together. USMA Class '50. The Redskin parties. The annual "mother-daughter" luncheons that eventually included whole families, and so much more. Ty and all the Tandlers are in our thoughts and prayers as we mourn Mimi's passing.

From Nancy:

Mimi was the most unique employer/friend anyone could hope for. Always ready with her Nancy's List, but was always accommodating. The lists were really made up of "Hope to Do" or "Let's try and Do Today" and "Might do if we get around to it." And the "Future to Do". I was always greeted with a smile and a hug. And that's how I ended my day with Mimi, a smile and a hug.

In the years that I had the pleasure of helping her and Ty I truly appreciated the intelligent, sophicated special gal she was and got to know some of her favorite things. I know the list is forever but here are a few I would like to share that made me love and adore her:
Ty, Children, Grandchildren and Friends, Flowers, buying, planting and arranging them, reseaching and writing her book, reading a good book, a clean, sparkly bathtub, the color blue, hand pressed coffee, avacodos, tennis, Christmas and decorating the house, the flowered sofa in the family room, zebras, the baby birds in her old christmas wreaths out front, polished silver, a conversation (about anything), Talladega Nights, finding a new receipe for almond flour, old family receipes, traditions, making the bunny cake for Easter, putting out the Easter Egg tree, trips to Europe, shopping and finding bargains with Tad, and of course finding a little spot on the wall for another picture of family.

I'm a better person for knowing you Mimi, you helped me through rough waters and to stay on my journey. You will always be in my heart. YOU WERE THE BOMB!!!

Love Nancy

From Lynda S. Hill:

I met Mimi about five years ago at the Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland. I took an instant liking to Mimi's bright personality and humor.

We took classes together for several years with published author Noreen Wald. Mimi was an unusually nice person. She made me feel like I was somebody.

This past March she called and asked if I was attending the April Malice Domestic conference for mystery writers. I told her I was dying to go, but the ticket was too expensive -- maybe next year.

I'll never forget her asking, "Would you like my ticket?"
She explained that she had already purchased one, was unable to go, and that I should use her ticket.

What a dear. I went to that conference and had a wonderful time, especially since it came as a gift from a friend.

It is a terrible shock to hear Mimi is gone. I will say a prayer for her, and for her family, who must miss her terribly.

Lynda S. Hill

From Kelley Wilhelm:

I met Mimi through my mother. There is a blessing that comes out of each tragedy, and Mimi was one of the blessings that came out of my Nana's death. For that is how my mother met Mimi.

I knew in an instant that Mimi was a charming, talented, and intelligent woman. I learned this even further after working for her during a few of my college years. She was always a delight and always up for a good story.

She will be greatly missed, but more-so, fondly remembered. My thoughts are with her family and close friends during this time.

Kelley Wilhelm

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