Saturday, July 12, 2008

Check here for details on Mimi's funeral arrangements.


Tiddbitga said...

Aunt Mimi - we loved you so and will miss your smile and unique take on life. Our love to Uncle Ty, Tad, Rich, Bob, John and your families. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Carolyn, Mike, Matt and Brandy and Hillary

Audrey said...

Mimi was one of my friends from Noreen Wald's writing class and from Sisters in Crime. We enjoyed exchanging ideas for our books and critiquing each other's work. I am shocked and saddened to hear of her passing. I will miss her.

Audrey Liebross

Linda Kearns said...

Having met Mimi at some of our Newcomers Club activities, I will remember her ever present cheerfulness and smiling face. You just knew she was a kind, thoughtful and generous person and someone that you wanted to get to know better. Our club's thoughts and prayers are with your family. We will miss her very much.
Linda Kearns

Sally Tilson said...

Forty years of friendship. Neighbors in McLean. Kids went to school together. USMA Class '50. The Redskin parties. The annual "mother-daughter" luncheons that eventually included whole families, and so much more. Ty and all the Tandlers are in our thoughts and prayers as we mourn Mimi's passing.

Nancy said...

Mimi was the most unique employer/friend anyone could hope for. Always ready with her Nancy's List, but was always accommodating. The lists were really made up of "Hope to Do" or "Let's try and Do Today" and "Might do if we get around to it." And the "Future to Do". I was always greeted with a smile and a hug. And that's how I ended my day with Mimi, a smile and a hug.

In the years that I had the pleasure of helping her and Ty I truly appreciated the intelligent, sophicated special gal she was and got to know some of her favorite things. I know the list is forever but here are a few I would like to share that made me love and adore her:
Ty, Children, Grandchildren and Friends, Flowers, buying, planting and arranging them, reseaching and writing her book, reading a good book, a clean, sparkly bathtub, the color blue, hand pressed coffee, avacodos, tennis, Christmas and decorating the house, the flowered sofa in the family room, zebras, the baby birds in her old christmas wreaths out front, polished silver, a conversation (about anything), Talladega Nights, finding a new receipe for almond flour, old family receipes, traditions, making the bunny cake for Easter, putting out the Easter Egg tree, trips to Europe, shopping and finding bargains with Tad, and of course finding a little spot on the wall for another picture of family.

I'm a better person for knowing you Mimi, you helped me through rough waters and to stay on my journey. You will always be in my heart. YOU WERE THE BOMB!!!
Love Nancy

Hillerroo said...

I met Mimi about five years ago at the Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland. I took an instant liking to Mimi's bright personality and humor.

We took classes together for several years with published author Noreen Wald. Mimi was an unusually nice person. She made me feel like I was somebody.

This past March she called and asked if I was attending the April Malice Domestic conference for mystery writers. I told her I was dying to go, but the ticket was too expensive -- maybe next year.

I'll never forget her asking, "Would you like my ticket?"
She explained that she had already purchased one, was unable to go, and that I should use her ticket.

What a dear. I went to that conference and had a wonderful time, especially since it came as a gift from a friend.

It is a terrible shock to hear Mimi is gone. I will say a prayer for her, and for her family, who must miss her terribly.

Lynda S. Hill

Kelley said...

I met Mimi through my mother. There is a blessing that comes out of each tragedy, and Mimi was one of the blessings that came out of my Nana's death. For that is how my mother met Mimi.

I knew in an instant that Mimi was a charming, talented, and intelligent woman. I learned this even further after working for her during a few of my college years. She was always a delight and always up for a good story.

She will be greatly missed, but more-so, fondly remembered. My thoughts are with her family and close friends during this time.

Kelley Wilhelm

Lesleigh Cook said...

Dearest, Dearest Mimi,
We met under such unusual circumstances but our friendship blossomed and you became such a wonderful friend, confidant, and surrogate mom. How I miss our little get-togethers over lunch at Clydes, my house, your house, or wherever! I will never forget your gentle soul and your thirst for life and adventure. I see you pushing your hair up and away from your face, that twinkle in your eye, and I can hear your little impish giggle. Thank you for all of your love, advice, hugs, phone calls, and special birthday and Christmas treats. You were and still are my “Angel”.
My love to Ty and Tad, and to Mimi's sons whom I never had the honor of meeting but heard so many loving stories about.
I shall miss you, Mimi, and will keep you in my heart forever.
Lesleigh Cook

Myrtle said...

I am Myrtle Khan, a friend of Mimi's from Capital Speakers. We met in 1990 and have shared many speeches and lunches since that time. I will always remember Mimi for the sparkle in her eye and her kind and wonderful manner. I remember her enthusiasm when she began the Angel Dolls project and her mystery novel and the care with which she presented her topics or moderated a meeting. I have looked at the many photos of her but there is an image which I carry that is not recorded on the site. I remember her getting into her convertible after one of our meetings, hood down, cap on jauntily, and she drove off a picture of beauty and grace. She was one of the best and she brought out the best in us. We will all miss her. God's Grace Mimi.