Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More thoughts on Mimi

From Stanley and Barbara Rivers:

Mimi was a most gracious, kind and thoughtful person. Barbara and I always enjoyed her sense of humor and ability to find something positive in any situation. Mimi was always busy but, found time for friendly conversation and helpful advice. Our lunch outings and holiday celebrations were great pleasures. Mimi will be sorely missed.

Stanley and Barbara Rivers

From Hillary:

Aunt Mimi. I still can't believe you are gone and I hate the fact that i didn't get to come visit you in June when my mom came up. You were an amazing person and i'm blessed to have your namesake. I love you very much and i know that you will be our Angel looking out for us. Give Winkie a big kiss for me!

From Noreen Wald:

Your beautiful and talented mother was my student and my friend. Like many others, I thought her book was wonderful.

Steve and I are so very sorry and so very sad. We send you and your family our love and our prayers.

Please tell your Dad, Ty, that we hold him close in our hearts and remember him in our prayers.


From Betty Fraser:

Dear Tandler family,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I also knew her from the newcomers club, Mclean racquet club and tennis. Mimi was always so lovely and warm to everyone. She was the mark for all of us to have the grace and beauty at every age. Loved seeing her and as so many friends have said, we are better because we knew her. What a wonderful friend and we will always remember her graceful ways.

Love, Betty Fraser

From Lesleigh Cook:

Dearest, Dearest Mimi,
We met under such unusual circumstances but our friendship blossomed and you became such a wonderful friend, confidant, and surrogate mom. How I miss our little get-togethers over lunch at Clydes, my house, your house, or wherever! I will never forget your gentle soul and your thirst for life and adventure. I see you pushing your hair up and away from your face, that twinkle in your eye, and I can hear your little impish giggle. Thank you for all of your love, advice, hugs, phone calls, and special birthday and Christmas treats. You were and still are my "Angel".

My love to Ty and Tad, and to Mimi's sons whom I never had the honor of meeting but heard so many loving stories about.

I shall miss you, Mimi, and will keep you in my heart forever.

Lesleigh Cook

From Jean and Charlie Mertz:

Mimi will be remembered by a lot of different people for a lot of different things but I think we all have the same basic feeling that she was interested in knowing us and what we thought about things. She had an inquisitive mind and had an uncanny ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. But most of all when Mimi was your friend, you knew you had a true friend.

During our Wednesday evening dinners at the McLean Family Restaurant she used to delight in bringing unique stories, newspaper articles or other bits of trivia for "Show and Tell". There were even funny old jokes that she resurrected from somewhere. We all enjoyed the spirit of sharing that she brought with her to add a little humor or new thoughts to our lives. Just won't be the same without her.

It is with great sorrow that we acknowledge that Mimi is not with us physically, but she will live on in our hearts and we are truly thankful that we had the chance to know her. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ty and his family at this difficult time.

Jean and Charlie Mertz

From Catherine Nesbit:

Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop at this difficult time. I remember when my father died suddenly of a massive heart attack at 63 while out for his daily bicycle ride. Like Dad, Mimi left too soon. I know there is supposed to be some divine design here, but it still feels like there was a mistake. Like it was supposed to be someone else who was more ready to go, closer to the end. Mimi's death is another reminder of how very fragile life is. It reminds us yet again that we often don't have control and that life is not a dress rehearsal.

Mimi, was so full of life. It's sad to say goodbye.

With deep sympathy and hugs,


From Marjorie Lewis:

I met Mimi through the McLean Newcomers and immediately I appreciated her smile and her sincere welcome to the group. The offer to come and hit the tennis ball regardless of ability was my introduction to the family. Mimi made things easy for everyone at those tennis mornings, and Ty shared the patio, reading the newspaper and occasionally answering some tennis questions.

At Newcomer's meetings, Mimi's quiet positivism and relaxed ways made her a magnate for many of us - one of those folks you just enjoy being with. I will mourn Mimi and miss her presence.

Marjorie Lewis

From Peggy Hanson:

I always enjoyed meeting Mimi and Ty at Mystery Writers events. Sometimes we went out in a group after a lecture, where we discussed the problems of writing, issues about the Navy (hope that's the right branch, Ty!)and amused observations on life. Mimi's bright smile and intense interest in life and in writing brought joy to those of us lucky enough to know her. I am in China now, but thinking of your whole family, especially of that calm, authoritative Ty as he deals with this loss.

Peggy Hanson

From Betty and Bob:

We will always remember and love Mimi. She was a great woman – wife, mother, grandmother and dear friend. We smile through our tears as we recall what a truly beautiful person she was – to look at and to know. We treasure our friendship and the many good times we shared – at Redskin games, social gatherings, and our annual January get together with the "old gang" – which she always organized so well.

It was fun doing Capital Speakers together. We enjoyed laughing about our way of speaking, particularly Betty's southern drawl. We love the inflection in Mimi's voice and her way of speaking – which still echoes with us. She spoke well. Her beauty, brightness, thoughtfulness, creativity, and caring spirit impacted positively on all of us who were fortunate enough in our lives to know her – and have her as our friend.

We admired her intellectual curiosity and sense of adventure. While I'm sure there were, no doubt, many projects Mimi ventured on that we didn't know about, I recall how she was interested in following and writing about the trial of a man who was accused of killing his wife. She was a good "detective" on the case. Once, too, I recall she designed and made dolls. She obviously was a person who enjoyed life and lived life fully.

She leaves a lovely legacy in her family and in the way she lived her life. She was truly and incredible person. Mimi was very much loved and will be forever missed.

Our deepest sympathy and love to you Ty and all your children and grandchildren.

Betty and Bob Brown

From Dan and Jane McGrath

We will always remember Mimi and her vivacious, charming, and warm friendship. Of the many good times we had with her, the one that will be among the foremost in memory is the annual croquet tournaments that our group enjoyed. In June 2001, Mimi won the tournament, and she was so excited and thrilled to have beaten all of the athletes. She was an absolute delight.

We offer our profound condolences to Ty and to all the Tandler family.

Dan and Jane McGrath

From Lee Claytor:

I am so deeply sorrowful at Mrs. Tandler's passing. The Tandlers were one of my first customers years ago, when I first pursued self-employment. Even in times when I delved into other career interests, we kept in touch. I never felt like the guy who was there to fix things, but more like a friend or family member. Mimi always took the time to inquire about my life and usually fed me lunch during my work day. Her positive, upbeat nature was something I always looked forward to and she was most definitely my favorite customer. I can't imagine how she will be missed by those that were closest to her, but as for me, I will always remember her for the amazing person she was.

Lee Claytor

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